The Lularoe Irma is an amazing high low tunic.  This tunic pairs perfectly with Lularoe leggings, as it covers the bum.  The mid-length sleeves are very flattering.

This top comes in several different fabrics, which can effect the fit just slightly.  Here is an overview of Irma Fabric Combinations:


The Irma with rayon (95%) and spandex (5%): This fabric combo is super soft and VERY STRETCHY! This is a favorite among buyers, as it truly is so soft and comfortable to IMG_1459wear.  This combo also comes ribbed!

IMG_1460The Irma with Polyester (48%), Cotton (48%) and Spandex (4%): More of a cotton t-shirt feel, but still has stretch.  Has more structure, amazing!


The Irma with Polyester (97%) and Spandex (3%): This fabric combo comes a wonderful ribbed texture and has a ton of stretch to it.  The ribbing can make it feel a bit more dressed up!

IMG_1462 The Irma with Cotton (52%) and Polyester (48%): This fabric combo is super soft with some stretch, It’s like the tee you never want to take off!  Slightly less stretch, but still has some.

IMG_1463The Irma with Rayon (54%) and Polyester (46%):  A gorgeous textured combo, a slightly lighter feel than cotton ones, features a nice amount of stretch!

IMG_1464The Irma with Polyester (96%) and Spandex (4%): More of a structured feel, but does have stretch with this mostly Polyester combo.

IMG_1465The Irma with Polyester (48%), Cotton (36%), Rayon (12%) and Spandex (4%):  Features more of a regular ole Cotton t-shirt kinda feel! More structured, still has slight stretch

IMG_1466The Irma with Polyester (64%), Cotton (32%) and Spandex (4%): This combo is very close to the buttery soft feel of the leggings, super soft with not a ton of stretch.

IMG_1467The Irma with Cotton (64%), Polyester (32%) and Spandex (4%): Very much a normal t-shirt feeling combo, super comfortable, does have some stretch to it!